Extra Curricular Activities

We are proud of the diverse opportunities we offer our students

Extra Curricular Activities


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden
St Richard’s School has adopted the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program in Years Three – Four. In the kitchen and garden, students discover ideas, concepts and new learnings first-hand, through real-life experiences. The program helps to promote life skills they can take beyond the classroom that will help them to make healthier choices into the future, as well as build their understanding about the importance of a sustainable environment.

At St. Richard’s Primary School, we believe that school camps and excursions are an integral part of the educational program of the school. They extend student learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Students in Years Three and Four have an overnight camp, while students in Years Six attend a three day camp. Camps, excursions and incursions at St. Richard’s will be financed through disbursement of funds collected through school levies.
Interschool Sports
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Market Afternoon
Instrumental Music
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