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Welcome To St Richard’s Catholic Primary School, Kilsyth

My aim is to give you an insight into our wonderful school. It’s an honour to be the Principal of St Richard’s because of the high levels of academic achievement and the excellent reputation for the care and nurture we provide all children at our school.

To learn more about our school, we recommend starting with our online video tour. We have professionally produced dozens of videos that give you the opportunity to meet me, our teachers, some students, current parents, learn about our curriculum opportunities, tips to a smooth transition into school and so much more.

Click here to start watching our videos. We thank you for visiting us!

Marcus Gill | Principal

Meet All Of Our Teachers

St Richard’s is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate group of teaching and support staff



Prep Teacher

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5/6 Teacher

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Art Teacher

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The St Richard’s Difference

A strong curriculum and variety of subjects help form the foundation of a quality education. At St Richard’s, we are extremely proud of the rich and diverse curriculum on offer.


Reading, writing, and reflecting on increasingly complex and texts …. learn more


One of the pillars of a strong education – we make numeracy engaging … learn more

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at our school …. learn more

Religious Education

Religious Education permeates all areas of school life … learn more

Health & P.E.

Our aim is to promote healthy bodies and minds through our brilliant program … learn more



Our languages program is one the the highlights of our curriculum … learn more

Digital Technologies

Students immerse in Ipads, interactive whiteboards, compters and lots more … learn more


Scientific investigation, reasoning and analysis through asking questions and seeking solutions.. learn more

Which level is your child starting school?

We have made an online tour specific to each year level where you can watch dozens of videos that showcase our amazing school 


The beginning year of a child’s schooling journey is one of the most important years of their life. At St Richard’s we provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment designed to develop the foundation for a love of learning.

Year 1/2

The junior school is a wonderful place for young students to consolidate and extend their learning in a fun and collaborative way. We have a great balance of small group work, partner work and one-to-one learning environments. Learning is hands-on, creative and experimental.

Year 3/4

The middle school at St Richard’s is a dynamic and stimulating working environment. Our focus turns to creating independent and motivated learners. We really start to focus on student wellbeing and their sense of community.

Year 5/6

Our senior school is a place of advancement and accleration. It’s hands on, dynamic and loads of fun. Students explore science, technology & engineering through robotics and programming software. We have an emphasis on developing a welcoming and inclusive culture.


A community resource by St Richard’s Primary School

At St Richard’s we take education seriously.
So seriously in fact that we want to extend education beyond the classroom and have it filter into the community.

One of the foundations of strong communities with healthy people (both mind and body) is access to education.

UpSchool by St Richard’s is an online resource we invite you to explore,  immerse and be inspired by.

This free and growing resource centre is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages that we feel will have a direct and positive impact on our community.

Something in here for all ages

It Took The Whole Universe

The fact that you and I exist at all is extraordinary, given we are just bundles of energy packaged together, conscious, creative and alive.

In Sync

Sharing music, making music and dancing with music makes us closer in physical proximity, but it also means our brains are more intimate too.

Prana Yum

Used for millennia as a gateway to self-mastery and a tool for self-healing, self-awareness and self-realisation, the breath sits at the centre of what determines real, and unreal.

The Om Project – Kids Activity

The Om project is where you can explore the ancient mystery of the worlds most recognisable and practised sounds -Om.

The Intelligent Breath – 2: 1 Breathing Activity

Get smarter and live longer using your breath

Deep Breathing VLOG

Only a few minutes a day of mindfulness and meditation has been proven to change your chemistry, balance your emotions and help you to think more clearly.

You Are What You Think

We used to think our brain was unchangeable by the time we reached adulthood, but in fact, we now know the brain is plastic, meaning it is constantly changing, updating and upgrading itself.

In The Now

People with the ability to concentrate for long periods of time are more intelligent, less stressed, think more creatively, solve complex problems easily, and feel more connected to their friends and family. 

Mandala For Kids

Hey Kids! find out why colouring in is the same as meditation. Find your free Mandala colour-in at the bottom of the page.

Wu Wei, Your Way

Wu Wei isn’t an invitation to do nothing, rather it means action without effort.

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